Welcome to my personal web page!

If you are curious about me, you can read more below.

I live in Maarssenbroek, Nederlands since 2019 summer. I’m married and have a very active 3 years old son.


I speak Turkish and English in my daily life.

I started to take a Dutch course in September 2022. I speak and understand Dutch at the beginner level. 

I graduated from computer engineering in Turkey in 2011 and also faculty of management in Turkey in 2014. I worked for 8 years in IT as a software engineer. If you would like to read more about my business experiences, here you go.

As you know, spending a long time in front of the computer without moving is not so healthy for the human body. Of course for me too.  Since I started university and business life, I started feeling pain in my neck and back and more stress in my mind.

With my doctor’s advice, I looked for a yoga class for me.

When you feel too much discomfort in your body, and you don’t sit properly or stand on your feet without pain for more than 5 or 10 minutes, it can be a bit scary to start even beginner-level yoga classes. Group lessons in yoga classes include basic asanas so it can be hurtful for some people without prior preparation. Especially if they are not aware of what is going on in their bodies.

So I started to practice yoga personally with a teacher. Day by day I felt stronger and more relaxed in my mind. The capacity of my awareness was getting better. I felt ready to start group lessons in yoga studios.

Yoga helped me to feel more alive. So I decided to be a yoga teacher to help people. It sounds funny when you hear it for the first time. But if that worked for you why can not you help others? 

I got really good yoga teacher training in Turkey. After that, I started to work with people in Turkey. Now I currently give yoga lessons for beginner and mid-level online or face-to-face in Nederlands. If you are interested in my lessons you can reach me here.

In private lessons, I always keep in mind some important things for you:

  • What you generally need for your body and mind.

  • If you have any health issues in your body, I reconsider the content of lessons accordingly.

  • What do you expect from yoga?

In group lessons, I always ask the class "how do you feel yourself today?". I generally come to the lesson with an idea about what we are going to practice today. But, If I get some feedback from people, I add new poses into the flow or change the whole lesson according to the energy that I take from them.

After each lesson, I let person/people to have rest for 5 minutes in savasana. So you can continue the rest of your day easily.

Here you can read or watch my yoga attendees' comments.

If you would like to read more about my yoga resume here you go.

In my spare time, I like reading about self-improvement, yoga, child development, spending time in nature, visiting new places, spending time with my son, developing new ideas, mentoring, scuba diving, camping, and learning a language.